Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walk for Life/5K Race for Life Promotional Shoot!

There have been lots of new and exciting things happening lately at Palmetto Health Foundation, including planning and preparing for our 20th annual Walk for Life and our new 5K Race for Life coming up on Oct. 2.

Last Thursday, WIS News 10 graciously donated their facilities, the time of their production team and the talent of on-air personality, Judi Gatson to shoot the 2010 Walk for Life/5K Race for Life commercial. The commercial will feature testimonials from eight women who have survived their battles with breast cancer. Here’s a sneak peek from our 2010 featured survivor.

“Being a breast cancer survivor means facing my worst fears and becoming a stronger person. Palmetto Health helped me because when I was diagnosed I was a mammography technician at the [Palmetto Health] Breast Center. So the minute I was diagnosed I was surrounded by my second family and had overwhelming support. The biggest thing I learned was facing it head on. Women need to speak out and not be victims of this terrible disease,” said Wendy Duheme, featured survivor for the 2010 Walk for Life/5K Race for Life.

All of the women featured in the commercial also have been a featured survivor for Palmetto Health Foundation’s Walk for Life in years past. Many thanks to WIS News 10 for their continued support of Palmetto Health Foundation’s Walk for Life and the new 5K Race for Life. Special thanks to our inspirational breast cancer survivors: Wendy Duheme, Ellyn Reid, Jeanelle McCain, Pamela Folk, Sherry Strickland, Michele Frazier, Laveta Grant and Cara Senterfeit. You ladies are great and give inspiration to us all!!

The 20th anniversary of Walk for Life/5K Race for Life will be held on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. at Finlay Park in Columbia. To register visit Event registration is $25 and includes a free T-shirt.

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