Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jackie's Perspective, 5K Race for Life

I began my volunteer life when I was going through a rough spot in my personal life. It was time for me to give back

Approximately seven years ago, a friend asked me to attend a centurions (centurions are no Volunteers in Action) social. She explained this group was the volunteer arm for Palmetto Health Foundation and helped with fundraising and awareness for Palmetto Health Cancer Centers. Cancer has always been a fear of mine going all the way back to when I was first made aware of the early warning signs of cancer. So for me to be able to help our community in this area was GREAT!

That year, this friend was the featured breast cancer survivor for Palmetto Health Foundation's Walk for Life. To see her and how she had conquered her illness was inspiring I formed a team that year and we walked. It's been a fantastic journey.

This year we are adding a 5K certified race, and I am so excited. Having a 5K race as part of our event will bring out even more participants and will help us reach another group of caring and giving athletes.

I hope you will join us. Do it because you can!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Michelle Brady’s opinion, you don’t have to give money, sponsor an event or donate an extravagant gift in order to make a difference at Palmetto Health. All you have to do is donate a little time and effort, that’s all it takes to make a world of difference for the patients of Palmetto Health Hospitals.

“It gives me an opportunity to give back to my employer and a way I can give back to the community on a personal level rather than just giving money. It comes more from my heart than my pocket,” said Michelle.

Michelle began volunteering in 2006 when she started working in the radiology department of Palmetto Health Richland as a compliance analyst. She attributes getting involved in volunteering to Vickie Jones, “She’s the one who really got me excited about it,” said Michelle. Both women serve together on the VIA executive committee and the Golf event committee and were responsible for recruiting more than 80 volunteers for the golf tournament.

“Michelle is great. She is always willing to stay until the bitter end at events and help with the behind the scenes heavy lifting! Last year, she actually got married one week after the golf tournament. So she was helping plan a wedding and a golf tournament simultaneously and did a fantastic job,” said cancer services event coordinator Anna Saunders.

Since Michelle began volunteering she has participated in many events including the McDaniels Golf Classic, but her most memorable experience was participating in the Easter egg hunt for the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital.

“The most touching experience I have had is seeing those children and what positive attitudes they have in the face of such suffering. That is what motivates me to keep coming back and volunteering my time. It makes me so thankful and it’s so great to be able to give back,” said Michelle.

In her free time, Michelle likes to spend time with her husband and travel. She also has a passion for cake decorating, baking and she loves to collect Pampered Chef products. However, Michelle’s free time may soon be in short supply due to her and her husband expecting a new addition to their family.

Volunteers like Michelle are truly valued and are the heart of this organization. Without their support and tireless effort, Palmetto Health Foundation would not be able to provide the vital support that is needed to aid the patients of the Palmetto Health Hospitals.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walk for Life/5K Race for Life Promotional Shoot!

There have been lots of new and exciting things happening lately at Palmetto Health Foundation, including planning and preparing for our 20th annual Walk for Life and our new 5K Race for Life coming up on Oct. 2.

Last Thursday, WIS News 10 graciously donated their facilities, the time of their production team and the talent of on-air personality, Judi Gatson to shoot the 2010 Walk for Life/5K Race for Life commercial. The commercial will feature testimonials from eight women who have survived their battles with breast cancer. Here’s a sneak peek from our 2010 featured survivor.

“Being a breast cancer survivor means facing my worst fears and becoming a stronger person. Palmetto Health helped me because when I was diagnosed I was a mammography technician at the [Palmetto Health] Breast Center. So the minute I was diagnosed I was surrounded by my second family and had overwhelming support. The biggest thing I learned was facing it head on. Women need to speak out and not be victims of this terrible disease,” said Wendy Duheme, featured survivor for the 2010 Walk for Life/5K Race for Life.

All of the women featured in the commercial also have been a featured survivor for Palmetto Health Foundation’s Walk for Life in years past. Many thanks to WIS News 10 for their continued support of Palmetto Health Foundation’s Walk for Life and the new 5K Race for Life. Special thanks to our inspirational breast cancer survivors: Wendy Duheme, Ellyn Reid, Jeanelle McCain, Pamela Folk, Sherry Strickland, Michele Frazier, Laveta Grant and Cara Senterfeit. You ladies are great and give inspiration to us all!!

The 20th anniversary of Walk for Life/5K Race for Life will be held on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. at Finlay Park in Columbia. To register visit Event registration is $25 and includes a free T-shirt.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Become a Volunteer in Action Today!

Have you ever thought about volunteering or just wanted to give back to your community but just couldn’t figure out how? If so, then we have the perfect solution. Become a member of Palmetto Health Foundation’s premier volunteer group, Volunteers in Action (ViA)!

“I admit that when I joined Palmetto Health Foundation’s Volunteer network some six years ago, I did so with the intent of maybe participating in one or two events a year, then a funny thing happened. One volunteer experience led to another and soon it became something I loved to do! I learned that through volunteering for a cause, I could make a world of difference in people’s lives, while also experiencing personal joy and satisfaction,” said Lisa Boyte, President ViA.

Volunteers are the heart of Palmetto Health Foundation. Their tireless effort and selfless dedication supports fundraising and awareness events that benefit Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, Palmetto Health Hospice, Palmetto Health Cancer Centers and other programs and initiatives. Volunteers also personally reach out to patients through: visits, treat bag deliveries, meal preparation and many other activities that improve the lives of patients receiving care in Palmetto Health hospitals.

All of our volunteers are invited to attend several meetings throughout the year, during which physicians and hospital leaders share the latest research and news about Palmetto Health. Volunteers can also pick what meetings they wish to attend and the events they would like to participate in according to their own interests and schedules.

Become a volunteer today! Join Palmetto Health Foundation’s Volunteers in Action for only $20 and receive a complimentary tote bag. Download the volunteer membership form at and begin making a difference today!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The McDaniels Golf Classic Raises a Record Amount for Palmetto Health Cancer Centers

On Friday, April 30, more than 250 golfers descended upon the Fort Jackson Golf Club for the 20th anniversary McDaniels Golf Classic. The golfers were there for one reason – to raise money and awareness for Palmetto Health Cancer Centers. The tournament raised a record-breaking $231,000 for cancer research, programs and services at Palmetto Health Cancer Centers.

Board members played a major part in recruiting team sponsors and donations. Bill Duda is a great example of how our board members make a big difference. Bill was responsible for recruiting two team sponsors totaling $5,500 and securing a $2,000 donation for the “Fund the Need” part of the live auction.

“As a Board member, I have the unique opportunity to impact the patients right here at home in South Carolina. The immeasurable effects of the wonderful support and care my wife and family received during her bout with breast cancer is the reason I give back,” said Bill.

Golfers this year had the opportunity to pay to get their photo taken with the Head USC Football Coach Steve Spurrier. This initiative raised more than $4,000 and would not have been possible without the efforts of Board member David Gilliam encouraging golfers and teams to have their photo taken with Coach Spurrier.

“Like many others, cancer has touched my family. I’m blessed to be part of the Palmetto Health Cancer Centers Board,” said David.

The McDaniels Golf Classic has raised more than 2.6 million for Palmetto Health Cancer Centers in its 20 year history.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The 20th annual McDaniels Automotive Group Golf Classic, hosted by Palmetto Health Foundation, will be held Friday, April 30 at Fort Jackson Golf Club. A VIP reception and auction will be held April 29 at the Palmetto Health Heart Hospital atrium. Proceeds from both the auction and the tournament will benefit programs and services of Palmetto Health Cancer Centers.

Steve Spurrier, head football coach of The University of South Carolina Gamecocks, will show his support of the event by participating in the reception/auction and tournament. He also is featured in publicity efforts for the tournament. Signature event sponsor, Bill McDaniels of McDaniels Automotive Group, is excited to have Spurrier’s support and is encouraged by the continuous support of companies and individuals.

"Coach Spurrier’s support this year is tremendous," commented McDaniels. "We appreciate his passion to help us fight cancer, and we’re excited to have him on our team."
Teams can sign up by contacting Andrew Cain at or by calling 803.434.2818. Various sponsorship opportunities are available and can be found at

The McDaniels Automotive Group Golf Classic will feature a catered lunch and dinner and an awards ceremony. Last year, nearly 60 teams participated, and more than $150,000 was raised. In its 19-year history, more than $2.4 million has been raised for cancer research, programs and services of Palmetto Health Cancer Centers.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Festival of Trees Goes on Hiatus for 2009 Due to Potential Swine Flu (H1N1) Pandemic

September 15, 2009

Palmetto Health Foundation’s Festival of Trees Goes On Hiatus for 2009 Due to Potential Swine Flu (H1N1) Pandemic

Due to the potential pandemic of swine flu (H1N1) and the fact that several cases are currently being treated at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, Palmetto Health administrators and medical staff have determined that Festival of Trees should not be held at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital this year. The fundraising event, which was originally scheduled for November 21-22, will go on hiatus for 2009.

“Although it is unknown at this time the progression of swine flu, we must prepare for the worst case scenario and put Palmetto Health patients and the community first,” commented Stan Hickson, FACHE, vice president of Operations at Palmetto Health Richland.

“Because this strain is so new, little is known about H1N1 influenza and how it affects children,” says Anna-Kathryn Rye, M.D., assistant professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Infectious Diseases. “One of the most important recommendations this season is that people who have flu symptoms should not go to work, daycare, school or other public places. This spreads the flu and puts everyone at risk.”

“For many years, Festival of Trees has been embraced by our community,” commented Samuel J. Tenenbaum, president of Palmetto Health Foundation. “This year, we have taken into consideration the health and well-being of Festival of Trees attendees and supporters. We are acting prudently. We look forward to resuming Festival of Trees next year at Children’s Hospital.”

Monday, June 29, 2009

Christmas in July!

It is hard to believe that we are thinking about Christmas trees and wreaths when it's 90 some odd degrees outside! Yes, the 21st Festival of Trees planning is upon us. This year's event will be held at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital. I'm excited about holding the event at the hospital again this year. I have set the picture of the Warren Atrium decorated for the event as the desktop on my computer! Earlier in the week, we met with WIS News 10 about its participation. Scott and Jennifer are kicking around the idea of the 2010 Winter Olympics for the theme of their tree. The 21st Winter Olympics at the 21st Festival of Trees--perfect! Hearing the excitement of item donors as they decide their themes and imagining what it will all look like makes the heat more tolerable. I'll keep you all updated as I hear what designers are creating for this year!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Did you Know?

Proceeds from Palmetto Health Foundation's Walk for Life will help enhance digital mammography equipment at the Palmetto Health Breast Center. Did you know that the likelihood of detecting breast cancer in dense breasts using digital equipment is 70% compared to 55% using analog equipment?